Hotels & Casinos in Las Vegas: Reviews

Las vegas casinosOnce you listen the words “gambling”, “casinos” and “poker” you probably think in Las Vegas casinos in more than 90% of times. The reason of that is because land based casinos in Las Vegas ( Nevada, United States ) are very popular around the world and are the most significant symbol of gambling. There are thousands of jobs only generated by hotels and casinos which are related to gambling entertainment in these remarkable cities.

Million visitors from several countries around the world are coming to Las Vegas for having the most desired gambling experience of their lives. So, if you have good luck you could also go back to home with some hundred –or maybe thousand—of dollars in your pocket but if no, at least you will bring back with you an unforgettable experience. 

On the other hand, luxury, comfort, glamour and exotic places are some of the most relevant things that are going to run in your head all the time when you are visiting Las Vegas. If you visit Las Vegas for the first time, don’t forget vesting places such as Bellagio, Luxor Hotel & Casino, Aria Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Casino, Caesars Palace, Montecarlo Las Vegas or Mirage Las Vegas.

Fortunately, there are more than a few places that you can visit. In Las Vegas casinos you can have full access if you are over 21 years old –the minimum age allowed in Nevada State. 


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Luxor Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

in Hotel & Casinos by James Wells

Experience the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas in the heard of the Strip. Find the best room rates. Reserve online now.
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3900 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas

Nevada, United States

Phone : 1-877-386-4658
Mail :

813 Sportsman Dr

Las Vegas

Nevada, United States

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